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Aug 24, 2011 5:00am PDT
. >> i was ready. >> and so when i finished it, steve buckingham, who was at that time at vanguard records, and i had confided in him that i was going to come out, he got my record and he sent it to kevin welk, the owner of vanguard records. he contacted me and said we love your record, we want to put it out. and i realized, well, i can't let these people do that without telling them what i'm about to do. i got on a plane, went to sasan diego, sat down with them in a closed door meeting and said i'm glad you like my record, but this is my plan. i'm going to come out. i'm writing a book. i didn't have a home for my book either. i wrote it on blind faith and ultimately random house bought the book. and when i told kevin welk that i was going to do that, he looked around at his team, he looked at me and he said, i love it. i'm in. >> is this something that would have been different if you were a punk rock musician? or if you were a jazz musician would the reaction have been different? i mean, i know we're very quick to characterize. i've done it already once today, characterize the co
Aug 9, 2011 11:00pm PDT
the alice clayburg reynolds foundation and viewers like you. thank you. steves: the galata bridge spans the easy-to-defend inlet called the golden horn in the very heart of istanbul. a stroll across the bridge offers panoramic views of istanbul's old town, a chance to see how the fishermen are doing... and plenty of options for a drink or meal with a view. for fast food, istanbul-style, we're grabbing a fishwich, fresh from the guys who caught it, at one of the venerable and very tipsy fish-and-bread boats. oh, man. [ speaking turkish ] [ speaking turkish ] this is istanbul fast food, huh? now, this is what kind of fish? fresh mackerel. steves: from near the galata bridge, it's easy to hop a tour boat for a relaxing sail up the bosphorus and a chance to see the city from the water, with europe on one side and asia on the other. you'll pass massive cruise ships which pour thousands of tourists into the city for a frantic day of sightseeing and shopping. the boat passes homes of wealthy locals who can afford some of the priciest real estate in turkey -- bosphorus waterfront. the dra
Aug 27, 2011 4:00pm PDT
," i'm steve. cheers. >>> whale watching can be exciting. it got a little too exciting for two people off the coast of south africa. they watched a whale leap out of the ocean and dive back in. the next time the whale came up out of the water he landed on their sailboat, but everyone wound up okay. including the whale. >> this report is brought to you by mti, music theater international. >> one weekend, over 2,000 teens and lots of big dreams. >> roll those together and you have the 2011 junior theater festival. ♪ we dance to the music of the gods ♪ >> this student theater festival is the largest program of its kind. >> the goal of music theater international is to ensure there is a new audience, a growing audience, a building audience for live theater in america, which is an american art form. >> over the weekend, students attended workshops on performing and technical skills. >> so i was walking in the mall and then i see this platypus store. >> the theme of the festival was "i have a dream," in honor of martin luther king jr. day. so it was fitting that the event took place in
Aug 25, 2011 6:00pm PDT
unknowns as a creative and very unique genius relinquishes control. steve -- steven jobs has been synonymous with apple's staggering success. he truly defined the apple brand. after years otrtmt r cancer and related conditions, joss says he can no longer are fulfill his duties as the head of the company. he will be replaced byim cook. apple's shares finished lower by just about one% on thursday. >> anyone can make music now. >> steve jobs stands out as a visionary to transform the way people relate to computer technology. unr s leadership, apple products became a must-have all items. he was the guiding force behind the ipod, kaifeng, and ipad. >> -- the iphone, and ipad. >> steve jobs since the way that we handle music. he changed the way we use computers. >> as apple continued to grow, so did criticism of the corporation. there have been concerns about labor cditions anth chinese factories. even so, apple possible as market trend setter is undisputed. on thursday, a german court ruled that the south korean firm could not sell its galaxy task in germany. >> shares in bank of ameri
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)